Recognize strep throat Chronic conditions that result in heart stenosis

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Many young people may have heard of strep throat. which is a disease caused by viral and bacterial infections in the air And the effects of this disease are more serious than expected. Therefore, we invite everyone to understand about this disease. In order to be able to prevent, observe the symptoms and know the causes that cause strep throat, this is comprehensive.

Recognize strep throat Chronic conditions that result in heart stenosis

What is strep throat
? Pharyngitis is a disease caused by both viral and bacterial infections in the air. This type of disease can spread into the body at any age. And if the patient is a child, they are at risk of developing dangerous complications such as rheumatic heart disease.

Symptoms of strep throat

The symptoms of strep throat are different. Depending on the cause of the infection as followsทางเข้า ufabet.

1. Symptoms caused by viral infection Characteristics of the symptoms are hoarseness. Symptoms include dry throat, red throat, lower fever than bacterial infection, runny nose, loss of appetite, fatigue, skin rashes. and may have symptoms of heat And in the case of pediatric patients, there will be diarrhea as well.

2.Symptoms caused by bacterial infection Characteristics of the symptoms are fever. Aches and pains, discomfort, headache, red spots or white, gray marks on the neck The neck is swollen but when pressed there is no pain. And in the case of pediatric patients, there will be abdominal pain and nausea and vomiting.

Causes of strep throat

Causes of strep throat are bacteria and viruses. which is the same virus as the common cold, diphtheria, chickenpox, or Croup’s syndrome, and besides viruses and bacteria, are the main causes that cause strep throat There are other reasons. that can cause strep throat, for example

1. Caused by an abnormality in the throat, such as throat muscles irritation, stiffness, or a tumor in the throat.

2. Caused by the effects of various diseases such as sinus disease, acid reflux, or diseases that affect bacterial or viral infections in the throat.

3. Caused by the surrounding environment, such as being in an area. Where there is an outbreak of germs that cause strep throat.

4. Caused by smoking. Which cigarette smoke can also cause infection

How to treat strep throat

As for the treatment of strep throat, treatment should be symptomatic. Until the infection is eliminated through the body’s immune system. Along with taking care of yourself in the following ways

1. Strep throat caused by viral infection Should be treated with enough rest. Drink plenty of water always drink warm water eat easily digestible food. Don’t let your throat dry. and taking fever-reducing or pain-relieving drugs as prescribed by the doctor

2. Strep throat caused by bacterial infection Treated by taking medicines that can disinfect as prescribed by the doctor. Which requires taking the medicine continuously for 7-10 days strictly. You should not stop taking the medication on your own when you feel better. because it will result in the treatment being unsuccessful and may cause drug resistance

How to prevent strep throat

For how to prevent strep throat. This can be done with the importance of washing hands before and after activities. Avoid smoking or inhaling tobacco smoke. Wear a mask when in an outbreak area. and avoid sharing items with people with strep throat which even though such methods cannot be prevented directly But it can reduce the chances of getting infected quite a bit.

Chronic strep throat results in a narrowing of the heart.

In the case of strep throat that results in stenosis of the heart Caused by infection with group A streptococcus bacteria, also known as Group A Streptococcus. which cannot be cured until it becomes a chronic strep throat affect the heart Especially among pediatric patients are at greater risk of rheumatic fever. which if not closely treated It may increase the inflammation of the heart until it causes heart stenosis.

Heart stenosis caused by chronic strep throat may need to be treated with heart transplant surgery This is considered an effect caused by strep throat that many people may view as a disease that can be easily cured. But do not forget that various diseases if not closely treated There is always the opportunity to increase the risk of life.