How to solve the problem of broken doorknobs Don’t worry when stuck in a room alone.

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unexpected problems from Broken door knob It can happen without us being prepared or careful. Especially the knob around the bathroom door. This will cause you to waste time and money to solve the problem. Or sometimes it makes people feel anxious when stuck in a room. That alone for a long time

As for the problem of broken door knobs, it usually occurs with bathroom knobs because the bathroom area is humid. As a result, the knobs in that area can easily rust. Therefore, we have a way to prevent the problem of broken door knobs. To serve as a guide at the time of the incident

How to solve the problem of broken doorknobs Don't worry when stuck in a room alone.

If you are alone and do not bring your phone into the bathroom

  1. Be mindful. You don’t have to worry further than usual because if we are stuck in the bathroom inside a private house or condominium , there is still a certain level of safety.
  2. If the bathroom has a window or hole, shout for help.
  3. If the bathroom has a hole Or a window that connects to a balcony that can walk to other rooms. I was told to walk to the balcony to ask for help. But be careful when climbing and walking across the balcony as well.
  4. Be mindful and find something in the bathroom that can be used as a problem-solving tool. such as tissue paper cores or cardboard. By inserting the paper into the groove of the door around the lock. Then pull the paper core up. It’s one way that might help unlock it.
  5. If there is enough metal equipment in the bathroom like a screwdriver. Pry out the knob frame. And look at the latch to see if it can be unlocked.

How to prevent or avoid the problem of broken door knobs

  1. Change the lock from using a knob to a door latch or latch, as we see in general public restrooms. Because round door locks, no matter how good the brand is, When used as a bathroom door lock, it is naturally exposed to moisture. This โปรโมชั่น ufabet causes the risk of rust and damage.
  2. Keep mechanic’s equipment in the bathroom. Whether it’s a screwdriver Plastic cards, such as old expired credit cards
  3. Always check the condition of the doorknob. When used for a long time You should regularly put oil or lubricant on the door knob in the key slot area. or the dowel area This will help prevent sticking and rust. In addition, you should prevent the knob from getting wet or damp, so after using the bathroom you should regularly wipe the knob clean. to prevent rust
  4. Carry your cell phone into the bathroom. This is the recommended method to use in case of an emergency. On the phone, in addition to the numbers of people you know who can help us. It might be the building administrator’s number. Area where we live There may also be emergency phone numbers listed.
  5. Separate wet zone and dry zone Separating the wet and dry zones of the bathroom Helps prevent moisture problems that will occur with door knobs.
  6. Don’t close the door completely. If you know that the doorknob is broken Don’t close the door completely. Keep it ajar for safety.