8 techniques to keep the smell of “perfume” long-lasting, even in hot weather and drenched in sweat.

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This summer, sweat flows easily and the body smells. Of course, many people must rely on perfume. and cologne to add freshness But the common problem is The fragrance usually doesn’t last long, just a few hours and then fades away. We have special techniques to help maintain the fragrance of the perfume for a long time, even in hot weather and with heavy sweating.

8 techniques to keep the smell of "perfume" long-lasting, even in hot weather and drenched in sweat.

8 techniques to maintain the scent of perfume for a long time in the summer

1. Try spraying it after taking a hot shower.

Because after taking a hot shower The pores on the skin are wide open. Helps perfume molecules penetrate the skin well. The fragrance lasts longer.

2. Spray perfume on the pulse points.

Spraying perfume on your pulse points allows body heat to activate the perfume molecules. Makes the fragrance spread and last longer.

Where should you spray perfume?

  • wrist
  • Area behind the ear
  • base of neck
  • inside of elbow
  • behind the knee

3. Try applying Vaseline before injecting.

Vaseline will help retain the scent of the perfume for longer. without having to inject a lot


  • Vaseline has the ability to retain moisture.
  • Moisturized skin absorbs and retains fragrance better than dry skin.
  • Vaseline helps create a thin film on the skin, helping the perfume molecules to stick around longer.


  1. Apply Vaseline to pulse points such as the wrists, elbows, nape of the neck, ทางเข้า ufabet and behind the ears.
  2. Wait a moment for the Vaseline to absorb into the skin.
  3. Spray perfume as usual.

Just like this, the fragrance of your perfume will last a long time.

4. Do not rub your wrists after spraying perfume.

Many people have a habit of rubbing their wrists after spraying perfume. which is a huge mistake Because friction destroys the upper layer of perfume molecules. The fragrance fades faster.

Instead of rubbing your wrists, do the following:

  • Lightly touch your wrists together.
  • Allow the perfume to dry completely before touching it with anything else.

5. Do not shake the perfume bottle before spraying.

Although we often do this with other beauty products, when it comes to perfume, Do not shake the perfume bottle or container. This will allow air to enter and make the smell fade faster.

6. Apply perfume in layers. Add dimension and charm to your fragrance .

Layering perfume or applying several scents at the same time It’s a technique that adds dimension and charm to your fragrance. Allows you to create a unique, unique fragrance. and makes the fragrance last longer For layering perfume There are no fixed rules. It depends on your personal preferences. You can apply a scented moisturizer before applying perfume. Or apply scented lotion as a base before applying perfume.


  • Choose perfumes with different scents. But they go well together, such as floral perfume mixed with fruity perfume. Or Oriental perfume mixed with woody perfume.
  • Apply a small amount of each perfume. Focus on applying with a light touch.
  • Apply to pulse points such as wrists, elbows, neck and behind the ears to spread the fragrance.
  • Wait for the fragrance of each layer to blend together before applying the next layer.

Advantages of layering perfume

  • Allows you to create a unique, unique fragrance.
  • Makes the fragrance last longer.
  • Add dimension and charm to your fragrance.
  • It expresses your style and taste.

7. Apply perfume thoroughly. Not limited to just the upper range Add long-lasting fragrance

Many people apply perfume only to the upper body areas, such as the wrists, neck, or behind the ears. But did you know that? Applying only these spots It may cause your fragrance to wear off quickly. Techniques for applying perfume to make it last longer is to apply it evenly to the entire body. Including areas that we may neglect such as the ankles, behind the knees and calves because the heat from the body will help bring out the fragrance of the perfume better. Make your fragrance last longer.

Points of application that should not be overlooked

  • Ankles: Apply on the inside or outside of the ankle.
  • Back of the knee: Apply to the back of the knee.
  • Calves: Apply to the inner or outer calves.

8. Choose a long-lasting fragrance.

Choose a perfume:

  • Choose a perfume with vanilla or musk as the main note. Because these scents have large molecules, they evaporate slowly, making the scent last long.
  • Choose Eau de Parfum (EDP) or Eau de Toilette (EDT) perfumes because they have a higher concentration of perfume than Eau de Cologne (EDC).