5 reasons why it’s difficult to lose weight when you’re 40 Up. Why hurry and see?

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Have you ever wondered if As I get older, why does weight loss show results so slowly? Some people almost always focus on losing weight. But it is still difficult to see satisfactory weight loss results. Today we will invite everyone to know the 5 reasons why losing weight is difficult. Especially when the body starts to enter the age of 40.

5 reasons why it's difficult to lose weight when you're 40 Up. Why hurry and see?

1. The body’s metabolism slows down.
When the body gets older The rate of energy metabolism will also decrease. That’s caused by estrogen levels. progesterone hormone And the testosterone hormone changes. which when these hormone levels change It will affect the functioning of the metabolic system. Causes the body to accumulate more fat. Especially fat in the upper arms, thighs, hips, and abdomen.

2. The body begins to lose muscle mass.
Of course, women ‘s bodies typically build muscle more slowly than men’s bodies. Especially when you get older. The body begins to experience changes in hormone levels. The more it causes the loss of muscle mass. and when muscle mass decreases It will cause the สมัคร ufabet body to burn less fat as well. As a result, the body accumulates more fat instead.

3. Insulin resistance occurs.
As the body ages, it causes Insulin Resistance, also known as Insulin resistance It is a condition in which the human body is unable to use insulin. causing blood sugar levels to rise As a result, the body accumulates more fat. Importantly, this condition also risks causing diabetes. Hypercholesterolemia and high blood pressure as well

4. Insomnia occurs
Another change that occurs in the body as we age is Insomnia This symptom will result in the body being easily tired, fatigued and in an abnormal mood. Until affecting activities throughout the day which is a problem of insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night, or not sleeping continuously All affect the functioning of various systems within the body, including the energy metabolism system.

5. Abnormal symptoms of hunger and fullness
Abnormal hunger and fullness symptoms is another symptom that occurs as the body ages. This symptom is caused by the level of the hormone laptin. which is a hormone that controls satiety and ghrelin hormone levels which is the hormone that controls hunger Working incorrectly As a result, the body experiences abnormal hunger and satiety symptoms. As a result, weight loss results are difficult to see.

It can be seen that the reason why weight loss results are slow as the body gets older. This is mostly caused by abnormal hormone levels in the body. Therefore, people aged 40 years and over cannot lose weight using diet alone. But it requires exercise, such as weight training, to help build muscle and increase muscle mass to be stronger.