Poker Grinder is a dream job for many people.

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For People Who Play Poker Every Day As A Hobby And Are Looking For A New Career Or Activity. Today We’re Going To Introduce A New, Less Widely Known Profession, Grinder.

Grinder Is The Name Given To People Who Play Poker Primarily To Earn Money, Mainly Online Poker. Grinder Is A Profession That Spends Most Of The Day Playing Poker And Is Mostly Multi Table, Which Is Multiplayer. Other Rooms At The Same Time To Increase The Chance To Earn More Money

Grinder Is That If You Have Good Planning And Goals And The Right Way To Play, You Can Earn Many Times More Money Each Month Than A Normal Career. For Example, We Are Grinder In The Game NLH 5/10 Baht. The Goal For Each Addition Is 100BB, Which Is 1000 Baht, And To Make About 4 Times A Day, It Will Add 4,000 Baht Per Day. One Month, It’s An Average Of 100,000 Baht. But In Playing. The Whole Month We’re Going To Need Some Negative Days, But If We Have Good Cut Loss And High Playability, We’ll Have Less Variance.

Poker Grinder is a dream job for many people.


-Profit That Can Be Built Over And Over
– You Can Set A Time To Play Poker At Any Time Of The Day.
– You Can Do What You Like And Earn Money As Well.
– No Stress At Work


– We Can’t Be Positive Every Day.
– Must Keep On Achieving Goals Each Day

You Can Find More Advice As Grinder And Poker Strategy In The Facebook Thai Poker Troop UFABET Group.