Newcastle 1-0 Arsenal: Issues after the most heated Premier League game. High-flying Magpies defeat the Gunners, losing their first match.

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Newcastle managed to inflict their first league defeat on Arsenal this season with Anthony Gordon’s goal late in the second half.

Newcastle 1-0 Arsenal: Issues after the most heated Premier League game. High-flying Magpies defeat the Gunners, losing their first match.

Competition: Premier League 2023-2024
date: Saturday 4 November 2023
Competition venue: St. James Park
Competition result: Newcastle 1 – 0 Arsenal

Newcastle continued to be in good form, winning another game, in contrast to Arsenal , who had to lose for the second consecutive game in every competition. And this has caused the situation in the Premier League to change again this week.

“War” at St. James Park

“St. James Park” is one of the home stadiums that have been praised for the atmosphere of the supporters. But in the field it was even more heated. Because both teams come with their own playing tactics. and want to control the rhythm of the game But in the end they were able to push each other and take turns.

Heavy tackling by both teams that makes the atmosphere of the game hot And the game stopped many times. But it doesn’t make the game less exciting. Because each side ran towards each other. Not including the crazy pressing moments of the home team.

“Heavy tackles” break the rhythm and create opportunities for the Magpies.

This game is talked about after the game. The matter of clashes during the game will definitely be one of the Topics because there will be a lot of clashes. The home team chased the ball quite well. and were quite “in the mood” for the atmosphere they were transporting. However, their playing tactics were effective in destroying Arsenal’s game. Who couldn’t set up the offensive game comfortably at all. and vice versa You can also create opportunities for your own team.

Again with “Personal Error”

personal mistakes It’s one of those things that can happen all the time, but you definitely wouldn’t expect it to happen with your team’s defensive play. Because that means the opportunity to concede a goal. And it happened in this game. with Arsenal’s goalkeeper

David Raya’s mistake in not hitting the ball. and led to the loss of goals in this game This is another big game where he made mistakes and Mikel Arteta will once again be questioned. “The next game will continue to use him. Or use Ramsdale.”

Decisions of the “ref” and matters of VAR

This point will definitely be discussed in terms of the atmosphere of the game where there are often clashes. and the game was released Including not giving out yellow cards in many moments by the referee today. As well as many other out-of-game moments from both teams. Including the issue of Newcastle’s winning goal today. There are three parts that are checked with VAR. But still got a goal Call it today, VAR is still in top form once again in the online world.