Duplicate picture! Maguire was booed by fans in warm-up game against Palace

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Harry Maguire was also faced with another memorable shot. When Manchester United fans booed him in their pre-season win over Crystal Palace. After being unhappy with his side. entrusted to be the captain of the team

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has once again been a target for football fans. When he was booed during the first half hour In the pre-season game. The Red Devils defeated Crystal Palace 3-1 in Australia. On Tuesday July 19. After Eric Ten Hag, the Dutch boss. Still insisting that he continue to lead the army last week.

Duplicate picture! Maguire was booed by fans in warm-up game against Palace

At the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the 29-year-old defensive line starts in the starting lineup. The name was announced. Some of the fans inside the stadium were Red Army fans burst out in mocking laughter. And with every touch of the ball he was booed for about 30 minutes in the first half, then these noises gradually subsided. After referred to the error has not shown.

last season England national team defender It has become a hot topic. From his performance with Manchester United is below the standard. But still get the opportunity to play continuously causing the supporters to be dissatisfied This spread to the national UFABET team as well, with many roaring lions fans booing him in a warm-up game in March.

While the new season hasn’t started yet, it seems that many fans who want a change in captaincy have been disappointed as Ten Hag continues to insist. This defensive line will remain the captain and will be considered first choice next season. Despite competition from Rafael Varane, Victor Lindelof and Lisandro Martinez who recently signed new contracts. thus causing a negative reaction again

For United , they have won all three of their pre-season games in a row, with Anthony Martial taking the lead in the 17th minute and scoring three in a row, with two goals from Marcus Rashford in the 48th minute and Jadon Sancho in the 59th minute, while the Eagles score a decisive goal from Joel Ward in the 74th minute.