3 Techniques to Play Gutshot Straight Draws

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Gutshot Straight Draw Is A Draw That Requires A Specific Card To Fill Us With A Hit Straight, For Example T♠ 9♠ Is A Gutshot Straight Draw Of Q♦ 8♣ 2♥ Flop.

If You Have Gutshot On The Flop, You Have An 8.5% Chance Of Getting Straight In The Turn And A 16.5% Chance Of Getting Straight In The River.

Or Perhaps You’ll Hear Others Refer To Gutshot As Inside Straight Draws, Middle-Pin Straight Draws, Or Bellybuster Straight Draws (But It’s Not Very Popular To Call Them These Names).

3 Techniques to Play Gutshot Straight Draws

Let’s Take A Look At 3 Techniques That We Will Use To Play Gutshot Straight Draws.

1. When Both Your Cards Are Lower Than The Flop’s Middle Card, Check.

For Example, If You Have 6 5 5 Cards And The Flop Has Q♥ 9♠ 8♥

This Gutshot Is Very Weak. You Should Play As It Should. But If That Card Actually Appears It’s The Same Card. It May Give Your Opponent A Higher Straight, But If You Have Other Side Draws Like Flush Draws Along With Weak Gutshot, You Might Consider Using Semi-Bluff In Play.

2. You Don’t Always Have To Bet In The Turn After You Bet In The Flop.

For Example, If You Have Cards Q♦ T♠ And The Flop Has K♥ 9♠ 8♥, Turn 5♠.

After Betting On The Flop With Gutshot, You Should Probably Bet On The Turn From Time To Time, Using Some Checks When You Have Bad Gutshot. Will Help You Avoid Over-Bluffing And It Makes You Harder To Predict In The Eyes Of Your Opponent. However, You Still Have A Chance Of Hitting Straight In The River, Which If So. Opponents Are Often Unexpected. This Kind Of Straight Play Often Gives Your Opponent A Chance To Pay You More. And Even If You Finally Hit, You Still Have A Chance To Win The Pot In The River Round By Bluffing.

3. If You Are Out Of Position In Multiway Pots, Play Very Passively And Fold Ready.

For Example, If You Have T♠ 8♠ And A Flop Has Q♦ 9 5♥ With 3 Players.

Being In A Multiway Pot Will Decrease The Value Of The Cards You Hold, Including Gutshots. As A Mid-Level Bluff, You Should Know Some Checks And Folds.

However, There Is Still An Option To Check-Calling If You Have Any Of These Factors

-Your Gutshot Has 1 Or 2 Overcards Compared To On The Board.

– You Have A Backdoor Flush Draw.

– Your Gutshot Draw Is Nuts

All In All, Playing Gutshot Straight Draws Is Not That Difficult. As Long As You Know You’re Not Forced To Bet All The Time, It’s The Same As Playing Weak Semi-Bluff, With The Addition Of Extra Incentive To Hit Something Good.