10 Simple Tricks to Help You Play Better

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If You Are Looking For An Easy Way It’s Easy To Remember, Easy To Do, To Help You Play Better Poker. We Have Gathered Them Here.

10 Simple Tricks to Help You Play Better

Tip #1: Play Less Hands But More Aggressive.

Even The Best Players In The World Have Starting Hands Limits, So You Should Have Them Too. Choose To Play Less Because If You Play Multiple Hands, You Will Lose More Money. The Best Way Is To Play Tight, Choose Really Strong Ones And Play Aggressively.


Tip #2: Don’t Be The First To Limp.

Limping, Or Call Following The Big Blind In The Preflop Cycle, Is An Impractical Method. It Doesn’t Give You The UFABET Same Chance Of Winning A Flop As A Raise. The Only Situation Where You Can Limp Is When At Least One Other Player Limps Before You.


Tip #3: Know How To Use Semi-Bluff Effectively.

The Most Effective Way To Bluff Is Let Your Cards Determine Whether You Should Bluff Or Not. Meaning, Bluff Only If Your Cards Seem To Have A Better Chance Of Improving, Such As Straight Draws Or Flush Draws.


Tip #4: With Strong Hands, Play A Quick Game To Make Pots.

Players Tend To Slow-Playing For Fear Of Attacking Too Quickly. Will Cause The Opponent To Leave The Game Too Soon. But Most Of The Time The Best Way When You Have Strong Hands Is To Bet To Create Pots And Protect Your Equity, But Not Every Time You Bet/Raise. You May Be Able To Check In Some Situations.


Tip #5: Protect Your Big Blind

If You Are In The Big Blind Position, This Is A Special Position. Because You Have Placed 1 Big Blind In The Midfield. So When You Face A Raise, You Have Better Pot Odds Than Other Positions When You Call (Think Of It As A Discount).

Because Of Your Discount And The Fact That You Are The Last Person To Get The Act Preflop, You Can Profit More Than Any Other Place By Calling. This Does Not Mean That You Call Raises With Bad Hands Like 9. ♠ 5♦ But I Mean A Passable Hand Like K♣ 9♦ Or Q♥ 6♥, So It Looks Attractive In Many Situations.

In Fact, The Extent To Which You Should Protect Your Blind Depends On Many Factors, But The Four Main Things You Need To Keep In Mind Are: 1. Position The Person Who Raises (Tighter When Playing Early Positions And Loose. When Playing With Late Positions)

2. Number Of Players (When 1 Or More Players Call, Play Tighter)

3. Size Of The Raise (The Larger The Bet Size, The Tighter You Need To Be)

4. Stack Sizes ( When Short Stacked, Less Hands Play)


Tip #6: If Unsure, Fold It As

The Difference Between Good Players And Bad Players Is A Good Player Is Capable And Dares To Withdraw With A Good Hand Such As A Top Pair When He Feels He Is Being Beaten.


Tip #7: Know How To Attack When Your Opponent Shows Weakness.

When Your Opponent Shows A Weakness In A Heads-Up Pot, Such As A Check In The Flop And Turn, You Can Take Advantage Of His Weakness With An Aggressive Bluff.


Tip #8: At The Beginning Of The Tournaments, Play Solid.

In The Early Stages Of Tournaments, Play Solids To Try To Build Stacks For Longer Play Sessions. You Will Only Enter Survival Mode When You Are Left. Short-Stacked And Approaching The Money Bubble Period


Tip #9: Play Only When You Feel Like Playing.

You’ll Only Play Well When You’re Feeling Happy. If You’re Stressed, Worried, Or Angry, It’s Better To Play Later.


Tip #10: Play Only In Games That Are Good To You.

If You Can’t See The Bad Players On The Table During The First Half Hour Of The Game. You Are The Worst

Imagine If You Are Ranked Number 9 In The World, You Can Be The Best Player Of Any Table. But It’s Not A Table With The Top 8 Players In The World. If You Are Playing With Them You Could Become The Worst Player At The Table. So You Should Always Look For The Position That Gives You The Best Chance Of Winning.